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This is the portal to the UC Premier Competitive player online registration. Below you will be given three options. Please choose your options carefully.
Our Board of Directors expects that this will be an enjoyable year for you and your family. As part of the process, we want to ensure that you are fully aware and understand the commitments UC Premier is making to you at this time, and our expectations and obligations from you as a result of you accepting the position offered to you. Every player and parent will be asked to acknowledge your understanding of the mutual expectations between you and UC Premier. Accepting the position offered (after tryouts) obligates each player to pay the full nonrefundable registration fee regardless of whether the player later decides to leave UC Premier prior to the end of the seasonal year. All players, parents/guardians/spectators will be bound by the club Code of Ethics while participating in UC Premier sanctioned events.
Player Registration –Both new and returning players will realize player registration payments by clicking the "Player Registration" link below. New players being registered will create a username and password, which will need to remembered and used for future player registration payments.  Returning players will use the username and password previously established.
Make a Payment –Use this button only if you have registered and paid this years spring fees and would like to make an additional payment (Examples of an additional payment is your fall player registration or fall competitive fees. Use the username and password established during intial registration).
Edit Registration Information - Once you have completed your player registration, you can edit your information by clicking the link below "Edit Registration". Use the link below to update any information such as, change of address, home/work/cell phone numbers, or add an additional player under your current/same username.
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